Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Carmel Workshops 2012

July 2012

Two Workshop Opportunities
 in Carmel Ca

Daniel J. Keys

Three-day Still-life
July 12 - 14

Three-day Plein-air
July 16 -18


"Connecticut Flower Farm"
12" x 10"oil on linen
There are two workshops to choose from - select one or both if you like!
Please note that each has a different registration process, so if you're registering for both courses, you'll need to take the steps following each course description below.
 These workshops fill on a first-come-first-serve basis, and usually do so very quickly, so it's important to register as soon as you can. Those who don't make it in initially will be wait-listed.

~Still-lifes: Telling a Story in Paint~

Course Meets: July 12, 13, & 14
Place: Carmel Art Institute
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day

Tuition: $385
Level: All levels
 Course Description: Each day, Keys will do a demonstration while discussing the skills necessary for creating beautiful still life paintings using the “Alla Prima” methods for which he is internationally recognized. Following each morning’s demo, students will set up still life compositions of their own, and paint them from life, while receiving one-on-one instruction from Mr. Keys.
  During this intensive three-day course, each student will receive insight into learning to see correctly, and develop adeptness in the following areas: Composition, drawing, color, value and edges. Class will be limited to 16 students.

To register for this course, please follow this link... HERE
~Painting the Carmel Coast in Oil~
A Plein-Air Worshop

Course Meets: July 16, 17, & 18
Place: Carmel, CA
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day

Tuition: $375
Level: All levels
Course Description: A three-day plein air workshop, exploring the vast beauty of local seascapes, landscapes, and architecture, and the ways with which to paint them accurately and artfully.
  During each of the three workshop days, students will set up out-of-doors, at locations pre-selected by Daniel, and paint alongside him as he describes how he approaches the ever changing light and atmosphere of beautiful Carmel.
 Topics covered in this workshop:
~The basics of painting: Drawing, values, color temperature, edges.
~Painting outdoor light: Dealing with constant change.
~Composition: The importance of selecting and omitting.
~Art philosophy.

To register for this course, please email You'll receive a response giving you further instructions to complete your registration.

"I'm so excited to be teaching again in Carmel CA! This year, there are two workshop opportunities: The Three-day Still-life, and a full Three-day Plein-Air. I'm looking forward to a great time of painting and teaching!"
-Dan Keys


  1. An inspiring and informative post Daniel. You are a wonderful and generous teacher. I have kept all of your progress photos and study then often to improve by seeing your steps. Thank you!

  2. Hi Daniel and fellow readers,

    "Painting outdoor light: Dealing with constant change."
    "Composition: The importance of selecting and omitting."

    I find these two aspects very important and probably not always discussed in workshops.