Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New DVD Release!

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Review by producer Ralph Liliedahl
"I recently had the good fortune to film artist Daniel Keys as he painted several alla-prima oil demonstrations in my studio. Daniel is young, enthusiastic, energetic and extraordinarily talented. For those of you who not familiar with him, he was recently featured on the front cover of Art of the West along with a lengthy, associated article, and an outstanding article in Southwest Art. I'm sure that most of you know that these "western" magazines specialize in Western Art, so for them to feature Daniel's still life painting is a great compliment to the quality of his composition and painting ability and most unusual and out of the ordinary.

While Daniel's oil painting ability is already outstanding, he has been invited to study with Master Artist Richard Schmid on a regular basis. At the age of 24, this is sure to improve his, already, masterful skills in the coming years, including not only the beauty of his paintings but his skillful and articulate verbal explanations of his painting process.

Don't miss the chance to see Daniel paint this beautiful still-life and to learn his approach and execution methods. Although young in age, his command and knowledge of oil painting is way beyond his years and will bring you not only the pleasure of seeing him work, but an unusual depth of knowledge that he so willingly provides."

For more information about Daniel, please visit his website at: www.danielkeysfineart.com

-Ralph Liliedahl
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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I know you don't check your email, so you won't get my question...

    So I'll ask it here instead.

    What are you painting on? You call it a "canvas" but it has NO tooth. It's finer than double primed linen, even. I WANT SOME! :)

    Meanwhile, I've decided to get your DVD. $65 for 3.5 hours of professional instruction? Deal.

  2. Martyn,

    I do check my email every day, but often have too many to respond to individually. I've decided to make an FAQ page on my site as a means of solving this problem.

    The canvas I was painting on in this DVD is by New Traditions Artist Panels, and is a double lead-primed linen on gatorfaom. It's great stuff, and I highly recommend it.

    Happy Painting!
    -Daniel Keys

  3. The DVD came in today! Got started watching it. It's definitely the most thorough instructional DVD I've ever watched. Very exciting to watch. Congratulations!

  4. I am really studying your new dvd. I appreciate it very much. One thing you mentioned, you said "In my previous dvd. . ."
    Which one is that? And can I get a hold of it somehow? What was it called?