Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent trip to Denver

I recently had the privilege of flying out to Denver Colorado, to be with fellow artists Quang Ho, Kate Sammons, and Tony Hochstetler, for our group show, "Four Objectives", at Gallery1261. The show was a tremendous success, with many artworks selling, and we a great turnout for Quang's and my duel-demo.

Some guests admiring my recent works during the show.

A couple closely inspecting a masterpiece by Quang Ho.

Quang and me, during our duel-demo the day after the show's opening.
(Photo courtesy of artist Ken Elliott)

Gallery1261 is located in the heart of Downtown Denver, near museums, the public library, and a great little restaurant called "Palettes". Public art installments are within sight from almost every corner of this particular area.

The show will hang through October 9Th. For more information, please visit


  1. If I lived closer I would have HAD to attend this! You'll have to come near the Tulsa area sometime. ;)

    Glad it went well. It's always super neat (and drooling) to see pictures of galleries and workshops.

  2. I saw your work before the show when I was in town. Marvelous work, yours and the others. Much better in person! Glad it went well.
    I wish I could have stayed longer so as to see the demo.