Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discovering What Makes Your Art Unique

While being interviewed over the phone recently for an upcoming feature in SouthwestArt magazine, I suddenly found myself bemused and perplexed at my inability to intelligently answer a question posed by the woman on the other end of the line. It was a seemingly simple but very specific question that, although requiring an immediate answer, was not altogether uncomplicated in its design to produce what I felt should be a profound statement from me. While I admit that I thought a clever answer would never come to mind, at my earnest request I was graciously given some time to brood over the elusive inquiry and then get back to her.

The question: “What about your work do you feel is most interesting?”

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  1. Hi Daniel, I've read a number of your posts on FASO, but took a minute today to see the rest of your blog. Congrats on all you've accomplished. It can be really hard to say something thoughtful about your own art even tho' you would probably have no problem commenting on someone else's and sometimes I think it helps to pretend it is someone else's when trying to compose your thoughts. I told Artist's Mag I'd have to call them back and made up some excuse to get off the phone! Anyway, beautiful work. Suzanne DeCuir (